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When I first learned about what a FitBit was…it was at the Pursuit Conference with my friends Amanda and Erika while we were on our way hopping planes to get there. When they explained to me what it tracked and why they liked it, I was SOLD. Honestly for me, living in this overly technological time is exhausting. My soul is old y’all…I’m actually a 90 year old lady who just wants to sit by the water and eat snacks and then lay on the couch and watch “my stories”. I love technology for some things but the constant release of bigger, better, smarter and then creepy stalkerish technology just freaks me out. how I can Google something and then it’s in my Facebook ads and Instagram ads later that day? STOP..just stop, lol.

BUT…hear me out because THIS is HEALTHY technology! The FitBit HR Charge (in hot pink, of course!) is what I have and it has changed a lot for me. It tracks my steps, my heart rate, my sleep hours and patterns, how many miles I’ve walked that day, how many flights up steps I’ve gone up and down and how many calories I’ve burned.

What else can it do?! You can log your water, caloric intake and set alarms on it…but silent alarms that just buzz on your wrist which I LOVE! It’s so discrete! I have to be honest, I don’t log my water or food right now, I’m nursing and there is NO hope in that but I love all of the other features! As a mom, just owning this has increased my fitness for a few reasons and the main benefits are as listed below:

1. Simply put, I’m just more active and I’m maintaining or losing weight at all times. Because there is a “step goal” you set daily, it undoubtedly makes me get up more. And I reeeeally want to sit down some days and just be a bum, and that’s okay…but I am more likely to get up and do something or get it myself or “go that extra mile to get my steps in”! The first week I just kind of wore it around and looked at what the average amount of steps I took was..and then the week after that I officially set my step goal to 1000+ steps higher than what I was doing on a daily basis, just to give myself a little push BUT not to make myself over do it and shoot too high. I want to be more active, but not WAY more exhausted. Be realistic! Don’t push yourself but set goals that make you do juuuust a little more than what you’re doing now! You can also log your weight on there to track how that looks if you’re interested in doing so.

2. The silent alarms are GOLD! You can set up to I believe 8 silent alarms and if you’re a parent, chances are you’re on some sort of schedule with those kids! I’ve got my wake up alarm at 6:45am, then my 9:30 alarm that says breakfast should be done, cleaned up and on to the next thing with the kids. Then I have a 4:30 alarm that lets me know I need to pull out dinner and start thinking about getting all of that ready. There’s also a 9:15 alarm that says start wrapping up work, baths, emails, etc because you have 45 minutes until you need to try to be in bed! That is HUGE for me! Do I always go by it? No…life can’t be planned perfectly that way, but, it helps generally keep me on track. You can choose to have them go off any day of the week you want, too – completely custom!

3. Tracking sleep is an eye opener. Not only does it show you how much you slept, it shows you how long it takes you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up or were restless. This time and age DOES NOT give enough credit to sleep and its importance! We are always connected, we’re ALWAYS available and plugged in and we don’t sleep enough because we’re afraid to miss something. Moms sometimes take time at night when it’s quiet to themselves for things that they like and that’s great but it’s also really important to get enough sleep and if you’re not doing so on a regular basis– this FitBit will show you that!

Other things I just love are that if I am at 5500 steps and it’s 11pm, I WILL walk around until I hit 6000, haha! Mike thinks it’s hilarious but I love it honestly that something like this, putting actual numbers and structure on my health, pushes me to be a little more active. If that’s what it takes, so be it! It’s interesting to see the stair flights you climb, for instance..yesterday shooting a wedding I apparently did 16 flights of stairs. And…over 10,000 steps, 4 miles and burned over 2000 calories. Having one of these makes me want to go on more walks and get out with the girls, too! FitBits are awesome 🙂 Remember to take a break from them occasionally if you get burned out but honestly I think I haven’t worn my three days since I got it in May! I LOVE having the time on my wrist without relying on that from my phone which is why we went with this versus the Apple Watch. Also…when someone’s calling it shows the number/name on my screen so I don’t have to have my phone with me ALL the time but if someone important is calling, I know to go grab it and answer…freedom! I LOVE IT! 🙂


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  1. Incognita says:

    I have a Charge HR as well and I love it! I just wish it would last longer before charging it lol

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