Three Reasons the Powersheets are Golden

Today kicks off POWERSHEETS PREP WEEK! I couldn’t be more excited about this for all of the people who have the 2018 Powersheets in their hands and want to dive in but have been holding off for the right time to start.

One thing that’s been HEAVILY on my mind lately is how we are living in this world filled with incredible tools that have the ability to make our lives better…but so many of us don’t feel like we have the time, the capacity or the motivation to use them. Guess what friend? THAT is when you need them the MOST! If you are feeling like your schedule is a mess, you can use something to simplify and keep track like a Google calendar or the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. If you and your spouse are not communicating well on who gave the kids their vitamins, whether the trash got taken out or that bill got paid…you can dive into our shop and find the life-giving Lifeflow lists that are a part of our Island Time Series. If you feel like there are so many things in life you’ve always wanted to do but you’ve yet to really set a goal or even know where to start…you can pick up a set of Powersheets from the Cultivate What Matters shop.

But pals…if you don’t put the work in, nothing will happen. If you buy a tool box filled with hammers, nails, screwdrivers and you just have the parts to a piece of furniture beside it needing to be assembled… nothing will happen. That furniture can’t build itself merely because the tools to put it together are near it and available, they HAVE to be put into action.

The creative industry is in a place right now where SO MUCH INFORMATION is so readily available at your keyboard that people are forgetting that doing the work is where the real change and magic happens. Just because you CAN get information and shortcuts quickly doesn’t mean that impactful, meaningful tools will work the same way!

Once you create your Lifeflow lists, they’re DONE. Then, your days filled with forgetting and disagreements and chaos get easier. But you have to put the work in first.

Once you create your Google calendar or plug your appointments/schedule/meals into your Simplified Planner, it helps you stay on track, not miss important things and run your months a little more seamlessly among the inevitable chaos versus always just struggling to keep your head above water.

And Powersheets? Oh the POWER they can yield when you make the choice to put the work in! Guys these are magical. Thousands and thousands of women are celebrating another year of accomplishing meaningful goals they uncovered through the process of walking through the Powersheets process. In 2017 I had no idea what they were about to do for me but if you would have asked me in the beginning of this year…I may not have believed you! We had a successful small garden, I learned to cook and meal prep, we started Dave Ramsey, I lessened my social media usage while keeping the same presence up (thanks to Planoly and a social media manager, AllieDanae!) and hired a virtual assistant. I said no when I needed to and said YES to family! We bounced back from a crazy car accident because my life wasn’t a mess for once.

When I think of the top ways Powersheets changed my life this year, here’s what I think of:

1. It made me sit down and think about what I really wanted my life to look like, and then gave that vision an action plan. Women (especially mothers) don’t really sit down and say, “what do I want?” because it seems selfish and we’re constantly serving others needs. Moms are more likely to say “what can I do for my kids?” and the truth is…women are no good to others if they are empty from serving everyone around them but themselves. Our health is important, our happiness, our peace of mind, our goals and dreams deserve to be met, too. When you sit down with your pens and stickers or however YOU Powersheet (lol) … you get to actually sit down and say (maybe for the first time in…forever!) “what do I want?” and then you get to realistically create a plan to make those wants become your real life. That is a GIFT!

2. They helped me value working toward a goal in order to make it happen versus just saying “I hope this happens in 2017!” like I have ALWAYS done previously. I would even in the past “set business goals” but then not intentionally work toward them. I would say “I want to get a wedding featured on this blog” but I wouldn’t take actual steps to get there. Sometimes those goals happened but if we’re being honest…most of them didn’t. What did I expect though? I didn’t WORK toward them or have a plan!

3. They constantly shift my focus to what matters most…because writing down something that isn’t meaningful and feels shallow all of a sudden gets a red flag that it’s a waste of time. The limited days I have on this Earth I want to be spent WELL, doing only what matters with the people who matter most so when you take time out of your day to write these goals down…you will begin to INSIST that they are worth your effort…a beautiful & clear-as-day reality check to keep you on track!

If you want anything in your life to change, you have to commit to putting a little work in up front and these gently guide you through the process and motivate you to keep up the good work all while giving grace! HAPPY POWERSHEETS PREP WEEK! We’ll be over here getting started on uncovered GOOD, intentional goals for 2018!!! 🙂

Image by the sweetest, Gina Zeidler! 



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