Three Things I Learned From The Choice | Lessons From Nicholas Sparks

It couldn’t have waited any longer. I am a girl head over heels in love with my fellow North Carolina dweller Nicholas Sparks and if I never meet this man just know I’ll be incredibly disappointed, haha! Last year we had a triple wedding weekend the only weekend he was touring NC and I would have literally biked to get to him but we were fully booked…so I will keep dreaming! I’m gonna leave it right there on the bucket list and hope I get the chance to some day.

It is becoming more and more important to me as I get older to be authentically me and share from the deepest parts of my heart and to share what really inspires me. If I started a series years ago about the lessons I’ve learned from Nicholas Sparks novels and movies I would be worried someone would think I’m a total nerd but then I realize that I’m an amazingly proud nerd because I married Mike and well, he kind of turned me into one…because that’s what he is, HA! If you knew the ways Nicholas Sparks novels and movies have inspired our life which has been blessed in a way to inspire other people we know and have connected with via our blog and social media, it would blow your mind…and this series is REALLY gonna be good for people who love to feel inspired.

First let me note – I am basing THIS blog post from the movie, not the book! Also – it’s available right now on Amazon Prime and Hulu to watch so do it while you can!!! 🙂

  1. Water is the most magical and healing setting of all, for me. And I was supposed to have a home beside it. When I first saw this movie, I said to myself…whoa, what is going ON? Why am I like head-over-heels crazy about this movie right now? And for that matter, others like The Notebook, Safe Haven, Nights In Rodanthe, The Lucky One…what is it? Something is drawing me in every time outside of the characters or the story line..what is it? It’s the water. Nicholas Sparks uses water in a brilliant way to create a SAFE, healing setting that absolutely lights my heart up and inspires me before I even know what the characters are going to first say. The water is my FAVORITE part of the movies. When we saw the movie the Choice, and Travis’s home on the water with the adirondack chair, the tall grass, the marsh, the view…I knew it. I knew it was time to start looking to buy a home and I wanted a home on the water. It became the biggest goal of all – it needed to be on the water and I didn’t care about too many other features at all. I knew water would be a place we could REST and constantly be INSPIRED. So guess what? We have the home we do, today, because of this movie and I am so grateful for that!
  2. Big accidents can happen, we aren’t immune to that, and our family was lucky. This is a tough one. It’s hard to write. Sometimes when I write about our accident, I can feel my face being crushed and feel that horror and see that gray in the air and taste the airbag powder again. It’s hard. But it’s necessary. When I saw that movie, that accident scene really shook me because it’s LOUD. I hate that metal screeching noise I remember so well now from our accident in March and the slow motion filming is so powerful. I never thought that watching my favorite movie and cringing through that scene, that would be us soon after…but I also see what Gabby experiences being in the hospital and think to myself how incredibly fortunate we were. On days where I am almost paralyzed with fear to get on the road, I know the Lord wrapped his arms around us and kept us safe that night. And, this movie brought me to a home by the water where I got to heal…and I know that was for a reason. It reminds me how blessed we were…but, we do fast-forward that scene now.
  3. Life is good, off of your phone. Granted the majority of the movie is set about seven years back, it reminds me of a different time. I think about Gabby on the porch rocking in the rocking chair while Travis looks out at her and how Mike has probably looked over me so many times like that to see my head down in a phone. I love that the morning after that little steamy scene (you know what I’m saying okay okay that’s right! :P) he leaves a NOTE. Not a text. I love that there is hammock swinging, boat rides, bbq and get togethers. I love that he puts another chair out for her by the water. Where they will sit. NOT on their phones. I love that. Sometimes, I watch older movies and fall in love with that pre-smart phone era all over again. This movie really focuses so well on personal interaction and inspires me to keep that phone time LIMITED. If you saw yesterday’s blog post, you’ll see where we gave away a free download to get back to more life, and use that device less while still operating a business that shows up and works. Click HERE to access it!

If you’re a fellow romantic and Nicholas Sparks fan, you’ll get it! He writes about REAL PEOPLE. Flawed people. People who make big mistakes and have heavy regrets. People who are…human. He welcomes them as they are as characters that can be doing ordinary things in life that inspire others on an extraordinary level. He’s not writing about people who are celebrities or social media famous. These characters are veterinarians and blue collar guys and store owners and waitresses and they are just figuring out how to get through a particular crossroads in life to become truly happy, and they usually involves a really good romance which this wedding photographer LOVES 🙂 The Hedgepeth family runs on inspiration and signs. Some of you know but for those of you who don’t, this entire Outer Banks move three years ago and dream started with a little 2 year old who couldn’t see enough stars in the sky at night in Hampton Roads. One night after grocery shopping that little comment from her innocent tiny self evolved into one VERY big life change and the rental of a very big Uhaul 🙂


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