Today We Meet You | Little Autumn Jean

Today is Thursday December 17– I wrote this on Thursday December 10 at 11pm 🙂 One week before THE date! 🙂 

One week from today, hopefully at this very moment in a dim and quiet hospital room…I’ll be kissing that little face. I’ll be holding you, talking to you, talking about best girlfriend stuff and getting to know every little inch of your cute brand new little fresh body looking at the miracle we made.

In the mean time..oh my gosh girl, these feet of yours. I know they’re tiny, but in my belly…they feel huge, they are so strong and you are really kicking. A Tylenol later, a Zantac later and moments ago a nausea pill later…mommy still feels horrible. Just horrible. I can hardly concentrate, I can’t even lay down..I HAVE to sit on an exercise ball or the rocker’s ottoman in the mean time and type on my laptop using a TV tray. Not even kidding, I just peed about 3 minutes ago and I have to go again…but how?! I stopped chugging water about an hour or two ago but girl you are HEAVY and don’t allow an ounce in this bladder without needing to go again! This end of pregnancy (and the whole thing for that matter)…it was rough.

{Pee break, AGAIN}

But last week when I had our second to last check up, the doctor and I talked about some scary possibilities with this delivery. Because of past c-sections, things could get really, really ugly and without going into detail…we kind of have to prepare for the worst happening because unfortunately the statistics are high on this one. I’m praying now and every day until then that what I’m doing, RIGHT NOW, on December 17 at 11 pm, is holding you after safely bringing you into this world. And you’re mine and I’m yours and end of story, we’re all together and happy.

The first trimester was a nightmare of nausea and debilitation, the second brought on low iron and lots of faintness, weakness and scary dehydration, vein problems, etc and then third brought us two overnight VERY intense stays in the hospital. It was hard, what we went through little girl, but I hope you know you were worth it all. We already are totally besties and homegirls going through all that TOGETHER! You really stuck it out and dealt with a lot while mama did, too. And’re mine to kiss and hold forever.

I can’t wait to meet you, I’m scared. Surgery is scary. But God knows when I hear that cry and that you’re okay, everything, to me, will be okay and right with the world.


And a little quick late night video from the night before you’re born from Mommy and Daddy!!

xoxo, Mommy (and Daddy! And Cammy..and Ellie, geez there are a lot of people in this house:))


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  1. Deborah says:

    Praying for you all my friend!!! God’s mercies and blessings upon you all and on this day especially on you snd baby Autumn. What a miracle babies are…..! 💗💗💗💗💗💗

    1. Thank you so much for the love Deborah!!! We love you!!!!! OXOXOX

  2. Beverly says:

    The Hartmans and the young Davis Family are thinking of you are your growing family. May all go smoothly!!

    1. This means the world to me thank you Beverly!!!! I just love you!!!!!! 🙂

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