Tonya | Mill at Fine Creek Bridals

Are you serious…between the gorgeous of this bride and the venue together, it’s not even fair! I arrived at the Mill and my jaw dropped. I would LOVE to see more of this place in my future for weddings! It’s INCREDIBLE! Then, Tonya got in her gown and I realized that I hadn’t seen beautiful yet that day until her..she looked amazing in her gown, beautiful blonde hair down and curled and wintery shawls to go perfect with the feel of the Mill during the late Fall.

This place is a photographers dream, the ruins are obviously a choice spot for photos with the incredibly beautiful stone, open window and ideal lighting. The stream nearby is so beyond gorgeous, too! I LOVE shooting anything near water, and this was a nice change from what I’m used to! Tonya is not only gorgeous on the outside, but something her family kept mentioning at the wedding was how wonderful her soul is. When she loves you, she truly loves you. She cares so much for others and it shows. I was really emotional on her and Nick’s wedding day because seeing someone who deserves loves and a fairytale ending so much coming TRUE makes my world. Love you girl!! Enjoy her post 🙂

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