Tonya + Nick | Classic Mill at Fine Creek Wedding

I’ve been dreaming of shooting at this beautiful venue for SO long. When Tonya contacted me this year and was planning her November wedding in Richmond and wanted ME as her photog, I was so honored because she is one of the sweetest girls on the planet and I could not WAIT to work with her! Additionally, I remember emailing her and telling her I’d be around 30 weeks pregnant at the time and making sure she would be okay with that..and her response was that one day she’ll be a working pregnant woman, too and she completely understood. Heart-of-gold. She’s one of those people that is just as beautiful on the inside and out and treats people so incredibly and with such respect. She makes you feel so important!

After 9 years together, Nick and Tonya made it official. Please– you should SEE (and you will see) Nick’s dimples when he smiles around her, it’s to die for..because he’s actually a really tough guy but a man in love is a man in love! They are the perfect heart’s match for each other. They both work so hard and deserve all of the happiness in the world, and their wedding day was nothing short of flawless from the venue, the attire, the crowd and the WEATHER! You couldn’t have asked for a better temperature on a late November wedding day, I was shocked! 🙂

They’re actually in Hawaii right now enjoying their very well deserved honeymoon 🙂 I hope you two have a great time! Thank you again for having me as part of your incredible life story!


BIG thanks to Ashley Link of V.A. Photography & Danielle of Limefish Studio for second shooting and for assisting my big pregnant self!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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  1. Fantastic work and the venue is beautiful… Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Love the lighting in their portraits!!

    And it was so crazy looking through these pictures and seeing my cousin was one of the bridesmaids! I had no idea that was the same wedding she’d be at this last weekend! Small world!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Amanda, It was such an incredible experience being there with you and watching you work your magic! These turned out amazing ~ as I of course knew they would. The sweet new Mr. and Mrs. were so wise to entrust you ~ you captured their love for each other so beautifully 🙂

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