Tonya + Nick | Libby Hill Downtown Richmond Engagements

Tonya and I went to the same high school and her gorgeous, genuine, sweet smile has NOT changed!!! I was so excited to hear from her when it came time to wedding photography, she is a busy girl and when she was corresponding with me about booking for her Mill at Fine Creek wedding..I felt so honored. Nick and Tonya’s big day is NEXT MONTH and I couldn’t be more excited for this end of the season wedding in Richmond! The two of them are way down to Earth and have no idea how cute they are, but after nine years they make their love look brand new and exciting…I am inspired by them!

We spent a very nice temperatured (I make up words) day in downtown Richmond near Libby Hill finding the BEST COLORFUL TREES lining the roads, I couldn’t believe it– Fall is SO in Richmond right now and it makes me want to go right back up there and shoot again ASAP! The view of the city from the hill isn’t too shabby either! I love them and the time they allowed me to spend with them, engagements are SO important with your wedding photographer and even with just a month before their wedding..they made it happen. Thank you two for your kindness and for sending me home with a bag of treats at the end of the session hahah! You know the way to a pregnant woman’s heart!! πŸ™‚

Enjoy their love story on this pretty fall afternoon! πŸ™‚

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  1. EliSabeth says:

    This session is precious! Beautiful people and colors <3

  2. bdnewell says:

    Beautiful shots! Love the fall colors! They look so happy!

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