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When we lost my brother last month on a sunny Sunday in January, although we occasionally suspected this would happen…we were still shocked. The phone call you know may come but hope doesn’t DID. So, we immediately made plans to make plans and head to Richmond…but before that even happened, an amazing thing happened and our friends put together a fund to help cover the services for him. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love! We plan to use the remaining for a fund for his son once we can get everything together and finalized and transferred.  You know– it’s not the money amount, it’s the name and the thought on the donation page. It’s not even ALL about that, it’s the comments, the shares, the support. When someone passes away unexpectedly and they have nothing saved or prepared, it’s really hard on everyone.

I know some of you reading this have an addict in your life. We still have addicts in our family and can only pray they seek treatment and won’t put us and themselves through this unfair circumstance we’ve gone through with Tony. I know it’s hard to go through the “cycle” of “please get help, go to rehab” — try to sneak in an “I love you” to them even if they’re undeserving.

THANK YOU so much again for the amazing support — started by Misty, Elizabeth & Katelyn and carried by so many after!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Caroline, Natalie, Hope, Jill, Katelyn, Michael, Ali, Annamarie, Nicki, Abby, Stephanie, Anna, Taylor, Ashley, Ashley, Kat, Debbie, Jim, Danielle, Pam, Kelly, Stan, Randy, Marie, Johnny, Catherine, Danny, Jason, Karie, Michael, Terry, Elisabeth, Kyle, Dale, Sharon, Angie, Meghan, Carlos, Anne, Joe, Erika, Jessica, Brian, Joseph, Janet, Cindy, Kathy, Barney, Cheryl, Hugh, Marcia, Susan, Timothy, Bill, Sandy, Missy, Joanie, Lauren, Mariah, Denise, Debi, Judy, John, Ada, Cathy, Ally, Brenda, Teresa, Donna, Liz, Robert, Wayne, Anne, Michelle, Carmelita, Heathir, Allison, Elizabeth, Mark, Gracie, Misty, Chris, Piper, Bethanne, Sachel, Ethan, Heather, Steven, Sami, Shawn, Sarah, David, Audrey, Amanda, Dominic, Maya and Addie and lots of you little Anonymous sneaky donators 🙂

Also thank you to Erin Lundy for my coffee, Brittany Finch for dinner and flowers, Chris our brother for my Panera goodies and good company and the BEST cards and letters in the mail- I am so terribly sorry if I’m leaving anyone out, we are so thankful for everything, it’s been overwhelming and wonderful to know we have that love when we need it most!

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