Transfer It To Trello | Seaside Sessions VIDEO BLOG

There is no shame in this disheveled mom hair, drool spot on shoulder and squealing baby just in time to wrap up the video blog…this is my life, and I’m making it work for me hahaha!

So you guys, we are BIG believers in this new system of not just leaving every thing on little tiny pieces of paper all over the house! We have started to transfer most of our lists to Trello to have them all in one place and secure, and although I still have lots of pretty binders and paper goods…for moms, Trello is saving a lot of stress and time..and I’m talking about how on the blog!

What’s the random thing we have in our bathroom contributing to these successful grocery and to do lists? Watch and see! You HAVE to put one in yours! 🙂

Corresponding resource link below! 🙂

Two examples of lists within Trello for us, grocery for personal/family and a wedding equipment checklist for us that we use before every wedding!

trello example 1 trello example 2

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    You are so cute! <3 love seeing your face!

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