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Okay let’s be real. It’s CRAZY. It’s crazy when it’s just the two of you. It’s crazy when it’s one baby. So when it’s two…it’s pure chaos. But, we like to embrace chaos around here! And it’s a happy chaos. We are traveling as a family because we LOVE being together. Also, it actually makes life easier  for us when we all just haul our stuff and make a family trip out of it! So for mama’s first conference, the whole family went along for the ride..literally, the three hour ride there.

The Embassy Suites in Raleigh was AMAZING. I have to say that first off, we were greeted so kindly and warmly and it was the most efficient process to check in I could have hoped for with two children! Our stay was clean and lovely and very ‘at home’ — we loved our king sized bed and our suite with a kitchen, desk, living room area and the bedroom and bathroom separate from that living space! It was such a great experience!

ESPECIALLY considering all that we had to pack..and that’s what I’m mainly talking about here today. I believe the littler the person, the more STUFF required, haha! We started make a list of things we would need the week of and added to it whenever we thought of something. LISTS save parents sanity people I am telling you, I SWEAR by them! I presented my equipment list and session process list to the girls at the CLIC Conference and they are very intense hahah! But with FOUR people to think for all the time…I can’t afford to skip a beat so list help save my stress level from going crazy.

Here is an example of how many things are required when it comes to babies and traveling..

Bottles (12, just in case I’d be gone super long)
Tons and tons of breastmilk bags frozen, lord it’s so much hard work to save that much haha
Bottle brush to wash bottles
Baby liquid dish soap (there’s a small section of Babies R Us that has MINI travel items– LOOK there! Take advantage!)
Paci wipes
Pump and accessories and pads and lanolin
A full set of wipes (which we ran out of, so bring TWO!)
LOTS of diapers
Gripe water for hiccups
The baby’s towel and washcloth because the hotels are too rough and cleaned with bleach
Baby blankets
Some sort of toy that makes peaceful noise (her little Fisher Price pink seahorse is perfect)
Cammy’s underwear
Cammy’s portable potty…….. omg, yes, we have to! We can’t interrupt her potty training…so we smuggled that in underneath some things to avoid TOTAL embarrassment hahah!
Twice as many of each outfit to account for spit up and other messes
Accessories for hair or those TRYING to grow hair 😉
Toys and books for Cammy
Crayons and coloring books
DVDs for the car
Cammy’s shoes
Produce and snacks for Cammy
Sippy cups for Cammy and her juice/water

We SHOULD have brought our bathing suits but we didn’t! We ended up running to Target so we could swim in the pool at least one night!

And I’m sure I left a lot off..but that’s covering the basics for the girls! And then there’s all my equipment, laptop, clothes, etc.

So, it’s a LOT. And you know what? It’s so worth it! We made sure to keep the dirty laundry separate and in one suitcase by itself so when we got home we could just throw it all in and wash it. We keep everything SUPER organized before we leave the hotel so that when we come home to unpack, it’s a smooth and stress-free process so we’re not sitting there for weeks with our stuff still in suitcases. Doing things ahead of time to avoid stress has become something we embrace! It may be a little extra work in the beginning but it’s worth it!!

We also had everything Mapquested ahead of time and planned to stop at least one time on the way there and back to stretch so that the kids didn’t get too antsy and end up melting down just when we were really getting close. Also, I used to be one of those people who said “ahhh spoiled kids with tvs in the car!” but really we have a CHEAP DVD player from Best Buy in the back and Camryn gets so lonely back there that it’s been 100% worth it! It’s not to spoil her, it keeps her busy and entertained and happy while we’re up front and driving. It’s a wonderful investment! 🙂

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  1. The picture of your luggage cart is too funny!! So honored you made the trip for us!!

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