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Oh Ellie are you always getting the short end of the stick? If so, will Autumn even have a stick, period? I am a slacker mama when it comes to blogging as often as I did for Cammy when there was just one little one around..but life just “picks up” and moves at an insane pace. Ellie– let me show you some birthday love on the blog because we adore you and can’t get enough of your doughy sweetness around here!

You know you changed your mama when you were born. I’m tearing up already, Ellie, you changed my soul. Am I still an imperfect person and mother? Of course, but I’m a damn better person that I ever was. A peace came with you and inspired me to love more deeply and be a kinder person, to stop and breathe you and your sister in more often and to get on the floor and “pay wif me!” like you always ask. I love playing with you Ellie. You tell me you love me, you tell me “don’t mean it” when you are sorry. You take those chubby hands, squeeze my face and quite intimately make out with me and I’m totally okay with those sloppy toddler kisses from you. You’re still a baby to me, and I think honey you will always be that doughy little girl on the beach, with her naked biscuits in the sand.

I must admit, your will in strengthening and your tempers are killing me girl. You’re acting like Cammy (we don’t mean that in a nice way hahaha) and you are vocal about being upset, but we also admire that. You shine on and be strong like you are little girl, we will always be here to receive the best, tight, squeezing little girl hugs around.

Wanna see Ellie getting SO excited about “paahncakes” and hear her sister’s heartless reaction? Click HERE, LOL!

And they beat the absolute crap out of each other now. Here’s Ellie mocking Cammy AND pulling her hair out!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY. Thank you for changing your mama’s heart and giving daddy a true daddy’s girl 🙂

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