Undeniable Timing | Saltwater + Grace

A little refresher on this series:

Saltwater and Grace … two beautiful and cleansing things. REFRESHERS, inspirations. I love bringing elements of living on the coast and right by the sand and sea to tie into other life aspects and this was naturally the most fitting!

The last post in this series was over a month ago. It was inspired by the unREAL stats and support from the Reuniting with God post in January, my highest trafficking blog in a long time. Probably up there with a pregnancy announcement hahah!

It’s been a few weeks since the last one. I have been soaking in Jesus Calling devotionals, attending our beautiful church that actually has sand dunes right beside it (hello perfect!!) and loving our classes we’re taking as a couple after Sunday service. The inquirer’s class with Father Phil who we can NOT say enough about. We just hit the jackpot, he is our kinda guy! BEST sense of humor, best timing in this sermons. And today..we talk about timing.

Let’s break it down SIMPLY.

Last Fall, the devil fails at an attempt to break me down. Gets pretty close, but in doing so– something REALLY crazy happened, I was pushed to email someone I loved and trusted and who has protected my heart for years and inevitably, I am brought my to God…FINALLY, after SO long of not wanting anything to do with Him because of bad life experiences and so much doubt attached to them.

January…I make the move, I’m ready! I am ready to say okay, let’s start REALLY building this relationship. I want reading, understanding, church, community and to instill my whole being and trust in Him. I can do this.

The big blog post goes up.

That day, I get a horribly mean email. The next day, Ellie has the highest fever we’ve ever seen and we’re in the ER. The next day? My brother succumbs to a heroin overdose. 38 years old and gone, and I never got to say goodbye.

TIMING. TIMING. TIMING. That was HEAVY stuff back to back and some would have said, forget it God! Forget you — I come back and this is what happens? BUT NO..my heart was seriously ONLY healed by the comments from people telling me HE is with me and HE is walking alongside me this whole time, THROUGH this hurt! It was the biggest thing to bring me solace. I believed in it and here I am saying right now … if I hadn’t reunited, if the devil hadn’t have pushed me so far to need Him again (wish it didn’t take that but hey, I’ll take whatever led me back and just be thankful for it) — I would have felt like I was going through all of this ALONE. Something would have been missing.

Then I spend days and weeks on these devotionals, reading amazing reads like Start Here, Love Does, The Best Yes. My life is changing. Mike and I are holding hands on the way to church talking about how much we love it, and on the way back. Cammy is praying with me daily and saying these CRAZY things– yesterday in the car, I said “what do you wanna pray about today?” I can NOT even kid you on this– she said “God, because I love him and he is a perfect person” — whoa. I never taught her that (yet)!!!! WHAT!! Kids are insanely amazing!! But then she also thanked him for lipstick, ahhaa, so it’s all balanced out with humor of course 🙂

Then..I should have figured. Another weird situation that makes me go, really? The devil is weird. Like..super crazy weird and rude. But, he’s there! So what is spoken about THAT Sunday in church? Serpents. Oh my gosh. Father Phil, you’re always in my head and I love it! The serpents that lie and deceive, and how those bitten will LIVE. Oh those swimming little snakes! I loved this message!

A following week, the incredible soul that is Natalie Franke begins a movement in the photography community…“community over competition” — and Father Phil during the inquirer’s class talks about how strong we all are together. How our faiths may vary in technicalities from others but the message is the same. Live in HIM and serve others well. LOVE others. Amazing. We are just so much stronger together.

If you are debating whether or not to reunite, I mini-challenge you to START. You can start by seeking resources to connect with like the books mentioned. Maybe find a friend who is deeply invested in faith but never pushes it on you. You may be surprised that His timing is ALL around you, like He knows. Because, he does! HE KNOWS and it’s crazy how you open something up to read and it’s speaking to something in your life at that very moment! Talk about beautiful! Happy Thursday, go get you some saltwater and grace today — so breathable and cleansing 🙂

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  1. SO happy reading this my love. Couldn’t be more thrilled for your reunion ❤️

  2. catydear says:

    My 2 year old daughter is the best reminder of God’s faithfulness to me. Her prayers are so innocent and sweet and I just know God is blessed by it! Keep chugging girl!

  3. katelynjames says:

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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