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Now this is a new concept, writing a blog post about an experience BEFORE it happens…especially something that I have to be present at and experience (for the SECOND round, yay!!) before going on and on about, right!?

Oh no friends. Creative at Heart is so good, it deserves a blog post even BEFORE it begins. I wanted to share some of my personal thoughts and advice on enjoying the upcoming event for all of the ROUND TWO attendees!! HERE GOES!:

1. Get ready to be probably the MOST inspiring you have been in forever! So a couple of years ago, I saw Mary Marantz speak. I-was-MOVED. I was so floored that this woman had me bawling in less than 5 minutes of the beginning of her talking! And of course, Katelyn James had always been a huge influence to me, too…so any time I heard her speak or worked with her on anything business, I was just as moved. And then cue Natalie Franke, a girl with more soul in than most people I have ever met! Throw in some more girls that are gonna rock your world, inspire you and show you how BOSS LADIES do it…you’re gonna feel all the feels! From bloggers to photographers to all kinds of trades, EVERY single speaker was powerful. They all possess strong points and information to share with you to enhance your life…but more importantly…to CONNECT with you. To relate. How beautiful that these remarkably accomplished businesswomen can stand in front of us and make us feel like we are not only their friends and colleagues, but that we have what it takes to make it the way they have?! You will cry, get ready! Make sure you take care of yourself and get good sleep because the days are long! 🙂

2. The excitement is ALWAYS at an all time high. The energy is wild! Seriously, I mean..a pajama party is on the itinerary…you can NOT beat that hahah! There is gonna be more laughter, heart warming conversation and soul searching going on in a two day period than most people experience in LONG time so let it all out! This is your safe place to feel like it’s time to get things off your chest, clear your heart and go for your dreams you deserve SO much!

3. Those dreams that you deserve as much as the person next to you, and that’s where community over competition comes in! YOU GUYS– we are all on the SAME page! We are! No matter how far along we are in the business, we are doing this thing together! Isn’t that amazing!? We are BUILDING ONE ANOTHER UP! This isn’t a “look how accomplished I am” situation you’re walking into–it’s a “how can we help one another succeed and support one another” kind of a deal!

4. Come with an open mind and heart and make the most out of your time here! This is your little getaway to focus on YOU. Your dream, the thing that fires you and up and fuels your soul…take it ALL of the info you can! You’ll get the slides later in an email, but really soak it in. Soak in the part that says YOU CAN DO THIS and we understand how you feel when you have days where you think you can’t. Soak in the realness, the stories, the inspiration. The feeling when you wanna go home and BLOW your business outta the water?! HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING. That is the spark that dies down for so many after the “conference high” mentioned several times at the first Creative at Heart in January..you mustn’t lose that feeling. It’s your only will to continue fighting…so listen to these wise women and get to applying it to your life after all is said and done!

5. Be yourself. You are good enough. A diverse group is heading to this event. We all are creatives so we should respect one another’s uniqueness and individuality, so be yourself! You are worth loving as you are. Sometimes, you need to hear that– so mama’s telling you!

I will be there PHOTOGRAPHING and again as a PANELIST and I’m so excited!! Seriously, it’s 12am on Wednesday and I have a sweaty little girl sleeping next to me while I blog about how excited I am about this conference. Take it from me– this is a great experience but YOU have to make sure you are investing your creative little heart into it!! 😉 Happy Wednesday!! XOOXOX



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  1. Mariah Johnson says:

    I’m so exciting to be attending this conference!!!! Looking forward to seeing you Amanda!!! 🙂

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