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I haven’t blogged for the Workflow Series in MONTHS! I guess that’s what morning sickness does to you 🙂 Thank goodness for second trimester! Actually..I was so busy changing things up to accommodate being so extremely sick that I realized my own workflow was changing so in order to get to the next step, I had to have the actual next step ready and prepared to blog about! So, that one will be next 🙂 About image delivery (how I digitally get my images to my clients) and how I SUBMIT weddings and sessions to be published and featured! 🙂 Keep an eye out for that one in the next couple of weeks!

The workflow was VERY established as of last December. I took a slow month where it’s too cold to shoot a lot and decided to focus on how I was going to PREPARE for the busier times and have a smooth process from booking, shooting and finalizing with blogging and delivering images. Please do this! Take time off too, but get yourself ready and get ready for tax season, baby! I had an organized system that included one full day of daycare PER wedding that corresponded the following Monday after where I could ROCK IT OUT and edit my heart out! It worked for a little while until I got REALLY sick….because I was pregnant! 🙂 A welcomed sickness, but a severe sickness that even took me to the hospital one day.

So what I’m blogging about today are two things: THANK YOU to the huge positive response from the other workflow series blogs! I have gotten wonderful messages and emails about how they have helped and I’m SO glad because they take a lot of time and preparation to blog. Something I’m running super short on these days. And secondly…my workflow is now DIFFERENT. I don’t post weddings on Tuesdays but on Wednesdays now because I need an additional day of editing time while childcare is limited and while I’ve decided to spend more time with my family the day after a wedding! This is OKAY! I am still posting a wedding blog within days of the wedding taking place…something a lot of industry professionals are not even close to doing and this is something I love having as an element of my business that really stands out. The couple is usually on their honeymoon and gets to sit together privately and relive that amazing day together within days of experiencing it! Then within the next couple of weeks, images are delivering digitally and then within a month or two of that they receive their images on a flash drive in a package so they can have a physical copy, too 🙂

This December I will be revamping my new workflow all together. The same general concepts to get to the basic finished product of “these images are posted and edited and delivered” but the time frame I do it in has to change because there will be TWO babies here! My ultimate goal is to find a nanny to be here with me on Monday most of the day and Tuesday half days in order to complete the work but have my new little girl near to feed, etc. I will have to rearrange my schedule for this but it sounds like a great plan all in all and I can’t wait to put it into action! 🙂 Additionally, in 2014 I will be looking into outsourcing my………………….ALBUMS. Not ready to outsource editing yet, but I’d love to have clients have a faster turn around for albums. It really takes me time to put them together and I HAVE to do it when the baby is being taken care of or otherwise it’s impossible 🙂


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  1. EliSabeth says:

    Yes! I so wish my photog did a blog on my wedding, but no such luck. Still a bit disappointed in him. :/ #getwhatyoupayfor

  2. Love that little face 🙂 I love reading your workflow posts and can’t wait for the next ones!

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