Uplift Another Mama Today | Seaside Sessions VIDEO BLOG

This is a quickie video blog, but I mean…I was vulnerable enough to show you how HORRIBLE I looked yesterday, tired, so tired, like how can I keep my eyes open driving and why am I THIS tired when the second trimester should bring energy?! I am just really burnt out lately which is to be expected at the end of the busiest summer of my life and career– but I wanted to spread JOY regardless and wanted you mamas today to know that despite all the pretty social media we see daily, real life is THIS! Two little girls on my lap, the one in my belly kicking, and me just trying to say let’s take ONE second this Friday to recognize another mama trying to balance their job/business and motherhood who needs and DESERVES to be told they’re doing amazing!

Tag a mama you love and adore under my Instagram video post this morning! If you want to share your own image/video of encouragement, use the hashtag #bossladiesandbabies to connect one another in encouragement! Boss ladies aren’t just women that own their own business, they’re women who stay home with their kids or go to work every day. A boss lady is a woman that works hard to make a home and family content and taken care of, so YES– YOU are a boss lady regardless!

Enjoy this CHAOS! My girls are insane. Wouldn’t have it any other way, but I would have enjoyed my hair to have been different for this LOL and those bags under the eyes, gosh, mama needs to catch up on sleep! Happy happy Friday!!!! XOXOX

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