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When we went to Disney World last year..that for us was truly a FANCY experience…and we’re not saying we’re cave people and we were shocked by all of the attractions, crowds and elaborate experiences, haha..but that was a big huge deal for us! And can I tell you? We stayed in the cheapest resort there…but we LOVED it! We know we don’t need much to be happy! Just planned time away without work is key to keeping sanity and you don’t need a big huge expensive vacation to do so!

In Disney, one thing we did was make sure to NOT make a huge itinerary. In fact, we made none. We didn’t make any reservations but next time we will probably make a couple..we just rolled with the punches and found out what places had last minute availability and cancelations the night before we went. We didn’t choose any specific place to go, we just hopped from park to park and ride to ride. We NEEDED that casual first trip! And the next time we go, we’ll have a “wish list” of to do items but in a world like mine with your online calendar painted all one color on almost every day because of the amount of work there is to be done, I needed an empty colorless calendar canvas to paint all with spontaneity to celebrate freedom with my family!

So..what does a vacation look like for a simple life kind of family?! This past week starting on Wednesday, we packed our things and we headed quite literally straight down the road for 45 minutes until we hit Buxton, Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks. Do we come here a lot!? YES! But we absolutely loved having a place to sleep right on the ocean (literally the motel is on the ocean very close, even with shut doors you hear the ocean roar all night long, so much better than the white noise of the fans we are used to sleeping with) – and we rented a condo for 4 nights and 5 days and had some family come stay with us. We got some new groceries but were able to bring most groceries from home that we already had because of the short drive! We had no plans, no itinerary except one…a vow renewal we did July 2 that I can’t WAIT to blog about once we get our film images back from Michael and Carina! I can’t wait to blog about that more and I could talk about it all day- but this is about the vacation aspect of our experience last week! 🙂

No expensive dinners, no expensive plans or experiences. Just a breakfast, lunch or dinner out here and there but mostly just eating at the condo. One shopping trip that was unnecessary but fun for our yearly tacky tourist shirts (Cammy and Ellie opted for..wait for it..Spongebob OBX shirts..really?! You don’t think those shirts can get any weirder, lol!) but mostly just hanging on the beach. Our family’s company. Sleeping in. TV together on the couch with the ocean view to our left. Sitting on the deck a LOT and just being together. We may go to the British Virgin Islands some day, we may go do some amazing things maybe around the world…but when we vacation we really like to take it truly easy and have the actual lodging be the biggest expense. Some people feel like vacation is a great time to let go and spend frivolously but for us who like to not have a lot of “things” and live more simply, we know that buying those things won’t help us enjoy our vacation more.

Opening our eyes on the beach looking up and away from our phones every couple of minutes. Reading a book on the beach. Watching our kids play, and getting in the sand on our hands and knees and making that sand castle. Picking my three year old up and taking her out to get salty-haired with me in the sea and hearing the most beautiful giddy heartfelt laugh as the cold water shocks her the further and further we go out. Those moments to me are worth a simple and stress free vacation…and we know we are the most blessed people in the world to be able to vacation so close to where we live. We can see the ocean from our bedroom in this condo and it’s truly a 1 minute drive away. At one point Cammy said, “I want to go back to OBX” and when I told her we were there she was so confused haha! We are so thankful she loves our tiny and not beautiful little condo here in Kitty Hawk as much as we do 🙂

Vacation doesn’t always have to be elaborate. It doesn’t even have to be far just needs to be away from work and home (if you’re like me and always see potential work to be done at home, cleaning, etc) — and you just need those you love. Happy Monday from a refreshed pregnant business owning mama that is SO much more ready to take on tons of work and rock out the rest of these summer weddings and lots of editing this week!!!! 🙂

For more of our adventures visit us on Instagram — username AmandaHedgepethOBX! And Mike DID change his Instagram name now that we know we are having another girl, it’s officially from 3girlsandmike to 4girlsandmike now hahaha! 🙂

Some of my favorites below! 🙂

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  1. We want to go back in time and relive it again! <3 So, so wonderful!!!

  2. Lisa Rossoni says:

    You guys are so awesome and I love this post! We are doing the same thing and going to a family beach house only 45 minutes away to just relax on the beach, eat clams we will dig for, and just be together! It’s not always about where you go but being together on an adventure. Congratulations on the vow renewal!! Can’t wait to see it!

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