Vasu, Chris, Sebastian + Sinjin | Yorktown Family Photographer

How can people possibly be SO nice, generous, kind and warm right after meeting them!? HOW DO I LUCK OUT LIKE THIS!?
This family not only encompasses all that is my ideal client, but they have an amazing brave story to boot. Sinjin is the newest addition to the family and he was born at an amazing 26 weeks gestation. A scary ordeal that they bravely fought through and he is here today happy and healthy with two dedicated parents and an adorably sweet older brother to take care of him! When Sinjin was born, he weighed 1 lb 15 ounces at only 13 inches long. The doll in the images shows his true to life weight and height at birth six short months ago. Look how far he has come!

So, I may have cried on the way home when I realized I was part of baby boy’s first outdoor adventure, took his FIRST images of his tootsies in the sand. That one’s gotta see it below 🙂

They are my heroes. I can’t believe I know people so brave and such a tough little guy that puts my wimpy butt to shame! Enjoy! 🙂






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