Vicky + Matt | Duck Engagements

She has been absolute sunshine since the first email, and any time we are lucky enough to book an Outer Banks wedding for such a cheerful and genuine couple, we are BEYOND thankful!!! Vicky and Matt are teachers (what did I say? teachers and nurses are my PEOPLE!!) and we were so fortunate enough to get this incredible glowing light on their warm, Autumn engagement session day in Duck, NC just about 20 minutes from where I live. I also LOVE how the wind picked up and carried some of the salt water and you can see it in their images! It may be rough on the lenses having to clean left and right but it’s SO pretty!

Duck is a place that holds wonderful memories for these two. I pulled into the neighborhood of vacation houses and found them, and they told me they’ve stayed here several times and not just during the summer but during that glorious off season that we LOVE here, too! When we were shooting at this access, I thought…we need to document that walkway, too. If you vacation or live here, there is something about the way you feel when you get on that little boardwalk leading to the beach. You feel it too, right? My heart STILL skips a beat when I get on one because the little girl in me says “you’re almost there! almost to the ocean!!!” and I wanted to make sure they had some shots there because I’m sure they’ve been hand in hand at some point heading that way at any given season of their relationship together while taking a break from the world to relax on the beautiful Outer Banks!

Next year they’re starting that new big life chapter and we couldn’t be more happy for them!!!! πŸ™‚ Vicky and Matt, thank you for being a JOY beyond joy to work with!! πŸ™‚


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