Vivi Turns One! | Richmond Portrait Photographer

Okay, I shot with this family a few weeks after I had Cammy and we clicked like THAT. Not only are they a sweet family but we are very similar in our parenting style and very passionate about attachment parenting. It’s something not a lot of people know or talk about so I’ve been SO lucky to be able to finally relate to someone on this level, especially when nowadays everyone is throwing ‘let them cry it out’ and ‘don’t breastfeed past 6 months’ (seriously?) at you…it’s SO refreshing to have support from another family going through what you do!

Vivi is one now and more beautiful than ever. She is the kind of sweet and gentle soul with just enough sass to let you know that ‘yep, I’m a happy baby. I’ve got a pretty good life’ and it’s very heartwarming to be around them all. Thank you for choosing me again, it means the world to me. When someone books me more than once, even if they one day choose someone else to shoot for them, they will always be like family to me because in a way I’ve grown with them. Here is BEAUTIFUL VIVI! 🙂



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