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Sometimes the Lord just leaves me speechless and moves in ways I can’t even believe I refused to see in a previous life, when I was completely disconnected from him. It actually blows my mind. One of the ways I am shocked at my emotional and physical response to His ways is through the most beautiful songs on a playlist I’ve had on my phone for two years called “Light”. Below, I’m gonna let you in on the content of some of my favorite songs (it’s a lot, but I’ll share TEN!) and I’m going to give an example of how the Lord absolutely moves powerful waves of beautiful truth this girl’s heart.

Listen to the lyrics. These lyrics are so different. I know all my Taylor lyrics and I know Party In The USA word-for-word…and I love all of that. Music is SO fun, so powerful, so mood-shifting. It really does good for our souls. But when I listen to some of my favorite worship music, something else happens. I am moved to tears and I can’t explain it because I honestly don’t cry a ton anymore like I used to, lol! Something happens though, worth noting through this blog post today because someone will read this and find a new love through worship music after this post. The first time I REALLY listened to it was when a past bride and now friend Christabel sent me some good music…and Kari Jobe INSTANTLY became a favorite.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING for Christian music to start with, she sounds like an angel. Like honestly…Kari Jobe is SO where to start, in my opinion!

And then…Pursuit Conference happened. Oh dear Lord (yes you, Lord, lol!) – I found some of my favorite songs of all time there. I was moved. There was an unspeakable connection to the worship services that changed my heart forever. This is where I first began to understand the HEALING power of worship music and SO fell in love with it!

So today is batch blogging day (you’ll be hearing more and more about my batch working success I’ve been doing since last year soon…I’m batching all over the place and it’s GLORIOUS) – and this post wasn’t scheduled, but it’s happening. I’ve been up since 4:30 pushing through my day, I took a minute to sit at my perfectly Type A organized empty desk and pull my phone out to listen to a song. Any song. A random song. And CORNERSTONE comes on.

This line suddenly seems louder than the others and sticks out like a sore thumb: Weak made strong in the Savior’s love.

Sometimes in worship music, it takes one line to really stand out to you and connect. This was it for me today.

Weak made strong. That’s the power of Jesus. He walks with us in our worst times. At the bottom of the bottom, the darkest of times, he is there. He is the LIGHT when there is no hope. And because the song was called cornerstone, I had to look up what that actually meant in reference to the Lord but the coolest thing was that I found the non-biblical definition first and it says this:

1an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based and 
2a stone that forms the base of a corner of a building, joining two walls.
In some regards, I’m a cornerstone. For my family, for the foundation of the business I’ve built, etc. But Jesus?! He is THE cornerstone. He is the originator and without Him, nothing can be built up right. It would crumble. The biblical dictionary says this for the meaning of cornerstone in relation to the bible: the exalted Jesus as the chief foundation stone of the church, the cornerstone on which all the building depends.

If you are heavy…LAY IT ON HIM. Say it out loud. Lord, I am feeling SO _______. Guilty, ashamed, stressed, inferior, selfish. Whatever…just lay it out there. Or journal it, like I do…almost daily alongside my Jesus Calling devotional from my sweet friend Katelyn. I’m just urging the women who think they can do it all, and are never allowed to crumble per their standards…you are allowed to realize that YOU, in fact…are not THE cornerstone. Jesus is. We are all a part of his foundation, but we don’t have to carry the heaviness and the burden alone. You have a friend.

SO…it’s hard to pick favorites, but…ten of the ones on my Light list are as follows:

1. Cornerstone – Hillsong Live
2. Ever Be – Bethel Music
3. No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music
4. Lover of My Soul – Kari Jobe *From new album 🙂
5. Glorious Ruins – Hillsong Live
6. Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here – Elevation
7. The King is Among Us – Elevation Worship
8. Revelation Song – Kari Jobe **My favorite of all time
9. Broken Vessels – Hillsong Worship *SO GOOD
10. How He Loves Us – Shane & Shane

I love sitting in my happy, tiny-white-lights little office and working here. Editing here. Blogging here. Reading here. And occasionally, I just sit and have a good cry, like the really really good kind…listening to some of these inspirational songs.
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  1. I’m downloading all of these right now. I have been searching for a new Christian playlist and I just put all of these in a new one. Off to work and worship 🙂 Thanks Amanda, I hope you’re blessed always! xoxo

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