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I can hardly stand to write this without BURSTING into tears…she is PERFECT. She is a perfect angel, she’s beautiful inside and out equally and her soul is the most amazing little soul we’ve ever met. There’s no more of a perfect addition for this family than her, we are SO happy to have you here baby Autumn!

We are so excited to share some incredible details of her arrival in a future blog post, our delivery and hospital stay both were scary but wonderful, miraculous and full of relief after a long awaited birth following the most difficult pregnancy I’ve ever experienced. This c-section was a way different experience than the others and I can’t wait to share this with other moms who may have upcoming surgeries they are scared about to ease their mind a little, and just because sometimes sharing this reaches someone who truly needs to hear it or wants to know what to expect!

For now, we just want to show you this baby! I can’t stop smelling her hair, I can’t stop touching her fresh baby skin, holding her constantly and taking in every single second of this last baby of ours. She smiles at us when we talk to her, she REALLY smiles so big already! She’s so happy, she knows us, she loves every single one of us. She’s easy, she’s laid back. Our Christmas baby loves those Christmas lights we have up everywhere, too! We are the proudest and luckiest parents around to welcome this tiny (literally, our SMALLEST baby yet! Born 6 lbs 11 oz and came home 6 lbs 2 oz!!) addition and we are so happy to have her home in the Outer Banks with us to start our lives together as a full family of five!! 🙂

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  1. Beverly says:

    She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! OXOXOXO

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