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At 9:04am on Friday, January 24, 2014 a beautiful angel was born at 7 lbs 8 ounces and 20 inches long. The wait for her to arrive seemed like forever and it was the most refreshing sound in the world when she cried loudly and let the world know she was here and healthy and ready to take on the day. After she was cleaned up (we had C-section) Mike brought her to my face and held her, she cried for a minute and then my instincts kicked in and the sweet mama-to-baby-calming-talk and shushing immediately soothed her — and we were bonded right away. She was happy. After getting “cleaned up” and taken care of after the surgery, they took me to the recovery area where I was able to hold her and nurse right away! I was so relieved, the last time I had basically passed out cold asleep and didn’t get to see her for a while! What an amazing experience. I love Princess Anne Maternity Center and how well they take care of their mamas. They all were there for me and held me, literally, when I started panicking and getting scared. The end result of all of the scariness though is this incredible gorgeous little human that needs me and there is nothing like that.

I had her on Friday and recovered so well so fast (I’m still in pain, but overall I am recovering well) we were able to go home on Sunday!!!!!!! AHHH! After a C-section that is a dream! I was so grateful 🙂 The best part of this entire experience of course was when Cammy met her sister and then that first night when she finally was ready to hold her. From then on out, she was ADDICTED to her sister. Will not ever go a morning without begging to hold her. She loves her so much and loves taking care of her! We are so soooooooooooooooo thankful that this is her outlook on having her sister here and it’s not about jealously or getting the baby away from us, she will CRY if we leave the baby safely in a swing/bouncer in the other room. She doesn’t like being away from her!

They take naps together occasionally and Ellie LOVES open mouth smooching her sister and making her laugh ahhaha! It’s so entertaining seeing these two ages together and it’s been nothing but a joy from day one. I am over the moon emotional and in love with them. Mike and I cry daily at something sweet that happens between them. Tonight, I laid in bed with our bedroom curtains open and held my girls and watched the most beautiful sunset, taking it all in. I can hardly believe this dream is real, we love it for the very very good moments and the very very bad, like last night where I was thrown up on projectile style and up until 2am trying to get an upset tummy baby to sleep. I love it ALL for what it is, I love protecting and loving my girls.

Here are some of our documented moments from the past 9 days. They have been INCREDIBLE. A special thanks to Katie Nesbitt Photography for being so amazing to be in the hospital with us when Cammy met her sister for the first time. I can’t believe we have this moment forever to share with the girls!!!! 🙂

Ellie-7 Ellie-8 Ellie-29 Ellie-40 Ellie-57 Ellie-63 Ellie-78 Ellie-82 Ellie-101 Ellie-105 Ellie-110 Ellie-117 Ellie-121 Ellie-129 Ellie-137

All of the above images were from Katie Nesbitt Photography!

The rest are from our own personal collection 🙂 For some amazing moments and videos, find us on Instagram! CammyEllieSeastars – username

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  1. adorable shots and how awesome to have Katie photograph you all at the hospital, what sweet images to keep forever!

  2. margie says:

    You are truly blessed! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tammy Urban says:

    What a beautiful family. Your photos are just lovely and special. Congratulations to you, Mike and Cammy!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. bdnewell says:

    Absolutely adorable pictures of an adorable family! I love it! Keep them coming! I still say you need to do a book!

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