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HI YOU GUYS! So, if you’re NOT interested in saving money, saying goodbye to debt or you’ve already been through this course and know about it’s magic…this may not be for you.

But, if you have student loans, credit cards and car loans hanging over your head…you don’t know where the money you make goes every month and you’re sick of not having a good chunk of money in your savings set aside, you just may wanna hop on board the best $129 investment with me and CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY! We’re posting for inspiration and for our own accountability and we KNOW we can do this! Watch the video below to hear why we’re starting, what we fear to become like if we don’t and what we want the end result to be. Links and info BELOW! 🙂



Financial Peace University

Every Dollar (SUPER easy budgeting tool! Go for it!)

We also have the book Complete Guide to Money which helps keep us on track and quickly reference things from the Financial Peace University courses when we don’t have time to watch!


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  1. Amy Clark says:

    Have you seen Financial Peace Jr.?!? I just started reading Total Money Makeover and it was mentioned in there. It looks so wonderful for teaching the kids the same concepts of save, spend, give and eaening money.

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