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I sound like a broken record saying I’m grateful, I’m grateful, I’m grateful– but I AM. Not robot “I’m a business owner and this is what I’m supposed to say” grateful– not let me set up this persona to the general public in hopes of making more money and booking more grateful (if I was trying to create a perfect girl persona I wouldn’t admit all of my flaws on the blog and embarrass myself hahaha!!) — but I mean from the depths of my heart and soul in this five foot tall body..you don’t even know. You literally can’t even, lol!

I just picked out 114 images for my wedding welcome packet and only 40 can make it in there. But– it’s not fair. I LOVE so many moments. Looking through Christie + Alex’s wedding and seeing the emotions, seeing them also lay on the hotel floor toward the end because they’re two fun loving kids in love at heart forever. Seeing Josh and Chris dance in that room at the Woodend Sanctuary with their foreheads together like they’re the only two in the room. The grandest laugh of all– Caitlin’s when she’s with Steve. Herman and Terri’s tiny meaningful ceremony in the park at Smithfield. The way Missy laughs with the most genuine smile and how Eli balances her. Brittney who has become like a sister to me and I weirdly think about her all the time and how I wish she lived here! And same with Amanda who is getting married next year..I wish she would move back to OBX. Sasha’s incredible gown and veil and the way Vann looks the most handsome he’s ever looked, especially beside her. The cutie ring bearer and flower girls for Amanda and Chris. Christine and Mike saying YES to extra portraits and golden hour!!! Kelly + David walking in the rain for pictures! On their wedding day! What a dream! Heather’s veil being picked up in the wind but we are still pretty sure that was her angel Grandma helping. Katherine tearing up at the altar with Brian. Jason and Bre’s perpetual flirtation that made my job so easy! OH John and Jean — my Today Show blog couple that had their images right there between Joan Rivers and Carrie Underwood. How my 2 year old hilariously sings along to turn down for what and I will ALWAYS think of Candace and Jason! Amy and Pete — those grandparents on the dance floor just about slayed me. NOTHING sweeter than that! The look on Matt’s face before Courtni made it down the aisle. Katie and Lucas, reading notes silently on the wedding day. How Brittany and Kris FLEW ME to the British Virgin Islands to shoot their wedding day. WOW. It actually changed my life.

We have traveled, most of the time my entire family has traveled together this year for each wedding that was fairly out of town. We had these patient clients who treated me like gold, they let me adjust to two babies and they watched us move to the Outer Banks and change our lives, free our souls. I have so many memories this year that are actually all thanks to my couples. I love my memories here too of course– our new home is heaven and our sanctuary..but today I thought of the hotel trips with my little girls. The car rides, the adventure. I love love love this, what I do has become part of what my family does. My clients are making wedding memories and my little girls, husband and I are making family memories along the way, too. I love this. Thank you guys so much for letting me capture the tears, the first kiss as husband and wife.. thank you for treating me like more than a vendor and for being SO good to this little family just trying to make a life for two little deserving girls!! 🙂

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  1. That’s one beautiful family. 🙂

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