What’s Ellie Like? | Personal

I am realizing more and more than although I take a ton of pictures of her and her sister, I’m not doing Ellie’s personality enough justice in a little caption here and there. So many people ask me what she’s like in comparison to her sister’s personality..and I can think of a few ways to describe her perfectly.

She’s that sigh of relief when something goes right on a busy, chaotic, out of control day. That moment, that break in the day when you smile among SO much going on..that feeling of peace, that’s Ellie.

She’s a smile whenever you need it, because all she wants to do is look at you and have you look back. She will smile at anyone. She’s calm, she’s collected, she’s laid back and full of love for her family.

She’s a set of slowly-turning-pretty-brown-eyes reaching into your soul when you need it. And when you need someone to tell you that they love you, she’ll gladly take on the task.

She’s sensitive but strong. She’s already SO wise, too. She was BORN with her eyes wide open just wanting to see everything and soak it all in, learning so quickly because she’s a little genius like her sister. When she was born, she was crying loudly letting herself be heard and once Mike held her cheek to my cheek, and she heard mama’s voice..she stopped. She was content and at home as long as she was near me again.

She loves her sister. She’s stared at her from day one. She’s trusting and she’s the best thing that could ever happen to the three of us. I can’t imagine any other personality fitting in better right now, she makes life EASIER…which is the last thing we thought a second baby would do.

Oh we love you little girl. Your soul is perfect, your spirit is calm and happy and inspiring to mama. Your sister loves to protect you. And you daddy, he’s in trouble with yet another beautiful girl to take care of 🙂

And one other thing. She’s a set of cheeks and doughy little biscuit buns if you’ve ever seen em 😉

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