White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project | 10 Months | Personal: Miss Cammy Mae

She’s basically getting ready to start college. You should see this girl in action, so smart- so loving, so FAST, so witty, and not even a year old. We are in soooooo much trouble with this one!

Yesterday I was shooting my THIRD wedding in a row all in one weekend, and I called Mike between locations and he sounded like we had just won the lottery or something– I asked him why he was so excited and he said that Cammy was bending down and kissing her baby doll on the lips and going “hmm hmm” like she coos when she’s happy. She did it again, and again, and held her baby doll and snuggled her tight. She learned this kind of love from the love that we give to her and towards each other and this child– is incredible. She happily hums with every bite of food she eats (“mmm, mmm!”) and holds your cheek with her hand when you seem sad or distressed. She kisses me all day (don’t get me wrong, she slaps and pinches, too! She can be feisty!) and has begun truly hugging and headbutting and loving on us every chance she gets.

When Mike comes home, she doesn’t YELL it but she cutely whispers and smiles “DADA” so adorably we both turn into puddles and melt onto the floor. When I ask her to say mama, she doesn’t just say “mama”…she smiles, tilts her head and says, “mmmmmmama” so lovingly.

People who are in our life, friends and family, who spend time with her and visit see these acts and are astonished how mature and unbelievably sweet this little girl is. I’ve been so busy lately I’ve felt like such an absent mother but she is reassuring me daily that she still loves me and that I am doing my best for her.

Last month she had a black eye for her pictures and this time………it’s a watery eye (her poor semi-lazy eye she inherited from her daddy, lol!) and a runny & pink nose! That’s why this time she has on the kitty cat socks…hahah! We took these pictures in less than 60 seconds because we didn’t want her to be too cold!

First, I’m going to post all of the other months like I usually do and then the current ones 🙂 THANK YOU for always keeping up with her ‘growing into mama’s sweater’ posts! One day she will love them!






And the latest…………..the big girl 10 month old! (who is actually 11 months in four days!!!!!!!)

Her most recent obsession is POINTING (as you will see!) and she’s more interested in the shoes this time..uh oh! 🙂


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  1. erind1212 says:

    SOOO CUTE!!!! 🙂

  2. She is so very sweet Amanda! What beautiful little girl you have there!

  3. MeganOBX says:

    Aww! Sorry your sick Cammy!! You are turning into a little lady!! 🙂 Such a sweetie pie!! Nice job on the quick shooting Amanda!! <3

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