White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project | 11 Months | Personal: Miss Cammy Mae

The last one before she turns ONE. My heart has been so conflicted lately with the idea she will be one, and a toddler now, it means an entire YEAR has gone by since she could be the first person to hear my heartbeat from inside of my belly, since we met that sweet face and since our life forever changed for the better.

She’s saying more than just Mama and Dada now, she’s saying Alex (my sister’s name), sit, dog, Dora, cat, woof, juice, clap and so many other silly words! She’s running already and dances DAILY. Like 20 times daily! She loves singing all of a sudden, I’ll be driving and hear ‘lalalala!’ from the backseat and it makes my heart melt into puddles on the floorboard.

When I say this child is incredible, I mean it. Not just because she’s mine. She has her meltdowns and bad days but she is such a good girl and happy and EXTREMELY affectionate and loving. We get so many hugs and kisses all day and I don’t think anyone prepared me for how amazing that was going to feel!!!!!!! 🙂

Here are all of her white sweater pictures from 2 months- 10 months..and then the final ones are from Month 11! 🙂 🙂 🙂


and here she is Miss Big 11 Month old! <3


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  1. Denise says:

    So cool to see this from month to month. The last pic of the pearls reminds me of an angel!

  2. MeganOBX says:

    Oh my!! So sad we’re going to miss her party 🙁 Your baby will always be your baby, even when she’s 100!! She really has blossomed into such a sweet lil gal & she has an awesome mommy (&daddy) to thank for that. Shower that little love bug with lots of hugs and kisses from me and Mike 🙂 <3

  3. Amanda this is incredible! I hope you do this every year of her life. She’s gorgeous!

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