White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project | 16 Months | Personal: Miss Cammy Mae

Ohhhhhh buddy. She’s a big girl now 😉

It’s so funny, I could TELL people all day how much she talks and how smart she is..but when they see it, they can’t believe it! This child was watched by my friend Megan today while I met with my friend Hannah..and Megan was telling me things she was saying because she could SO clearly understand them! At one point, she picked up her shoes and told Megan she wanted to put on her sparkle shoes and go outside. Really?! I LOVE HER!!!!!!

We have so many fun videos of her lately- BUT the best one of my life was capturing her saying my FAVORITE THING OF ALL TIME for the FIRST TIME on camera!!!!!!!! (SEE IT HERE!) We never even TAUGHT her to say “I love Mommy”…we just say “I Love You” so when she looked at me, and said, I love mommy…I had to get mopped up quickly off the floor…cause I was one huuuuuuuuuuge puddle. I am so lucky, I love her with my entire being. Here she is, my little tart not wanting at ALL to wear the white sweater but we made it happen for a couple images <3

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And thanks to my awesome husband for snapping these when he got home from work! Thank you daylight savings!!!!!! 🙂

SB9A6438 SB9A6439

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  1. I love her little toesy in the shoes! I really want to do something like this when we have babies. Cammy is such a super sweetie!

  2. The pics of you and Cam are priceless and beautiful…

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