White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project | 5 1/2 Years | Cammy Mae

This is a really strange season to see her in…because she’s truly becoming a little girl and maturing right before my eyes in so many ways and it’s hard to handle sometimes. I hear a lot of “don’t worry Mama, I’ll do that for you” or “I’ve got the girls, you just go” regarding me needing to run down to take the trash out or the dog out, etc. I mean – she’s just responsible in new ways and just becoming the funniest and sweetest girl, besides the occasional mood swings I’m learning to handle but still continue to be surprised by because that sass, whew! I’ve never been quite equipped to handle the level of sass that girl was born with. But you know what? She’s such a little smart cookie and I have never been more proud. She just had her THIRD dance recital and I am so so happy to be this girls mama, what a true honor to call you my baby girl, Camryn Mae. Here’s Cammy at 5 1/2 years and you won’t believe your scrolling!!!! SO fun to watch her change!! 🙂

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One and a half….


TWO years old…


Two and a half…


THREE years old


3 and a half…



4 1/2 ….




And here we go!! RIGHT before a huge storm hit our house on the harbor, we snuck outside and shot FAST! I love the paint and bruises on her legs, completely sums up this wild, artistic personality at this stage in her life!

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  1. Carla Edwards Lawrence says:

    boy she’s sure growning up fast! She’s beautiful!

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