White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project | 6 Months | Personal: Miss Cammy Mae

Here is the 6 month installment, late of course because we have been beyond busy in this house! May and June – and then September and October are extremely busy for business and for personal events for us, too so we are running on empty in this house as we prepare to get through the tail end of this month to finally enjoy a little summer time together as a family!

If you want to see the progression from her FIRST shoot at 2 months old, click here for the link to that blog post 🙂 I am so proud of my little angel growing up and I will honestly let you know this was the hardest shoot yet- she wanted NOTHING to do with this sweater when these pictures were taken. I usually take at least 30-40 and then pick my favorites but I had about 15 to choose from! Here they are, mama’s favorite white sweater and glittery heels that one day she will fit into 🙂


ALSO- a little idea of what she looked like at this time last year posted at the bottom! It’s WAY different, yes??? 🙂





Cammy last year at this time!:


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