White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project | 9 Months | Personal: Miss Cammy Mae

It gets me everytime. Putting her in this sweater and seeing what different things she can do with it..this time? It’s freaking standing. The child is 9 months old and is taking steps and standing all the time. She also is trying to say “yes” but it’s coming out as “a-s-s” right there as loud as she can in public. If you want pure entertainment, have yourself a Cammy..they are TOO FUN!

I love my little CammyLouWho and the thing that she has been doing lately that gets me the MOST…….that makes me tear up, my heart explode, my soul swell with stupid amounts of love is comfort me. I never let her see me cry but the other day I let it all out. She crawled over to me, climbed in my lap, and would NOT stop kissing me on the lips. She was also putting her forehead to mine, something I do to her when she’s upset. She has the most amazing soul in this world. I have had such a rough couple of months realizing that I have been overbooking so that I can please everyone and it burnt me out. Every single week off turns into endless amounts of work and plans made with everyone that I shouldn’t have made for my sanity. I just want to do it all though and I have started a 2013 goal of booking a LIMITED amount of sessions per month. Depressing, but necessary. Depressing because I LOVE WHAT I DO, I love my clients, I love people and I have some new amazzzzzzzzzzing gear that’s going to make some gorgeous images 🙂

Here she is..wild and free. Want to look back at the rest of the months? I posted em again for you. Look what 7 months can do. WOW.




And now………my big NINE MONTH OLD! A special thank you to my new 35 mm 1.4 that arrived today. Without her, this shoot wouldn’t have been possible seeing how we had to cram Cam on the porch during the crazy rain today to do these! And what White Sweater & Glittery Heels project without a black eye this time around? Read about that HERE.





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  1. Hali Wood says:

    she is so unbelievably cute!!! this is such a cute project, I have been following her all along, what a little angel and diva :p

    please make time for yourself and your family, your clients understand and want you to be happy!

  2. Denise Russell says:

    This is such a cute idea. Maybe when she turns 1 you can add some sparkily clip on earrings. I really enjoy looking at your photography. It is amazing!

  3. Terri H says:

    She is rockin’ that look with her little flirty smile. Love her!

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