White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project | ONE YEAR OLD | Personal: Miss Cammy Mae

So it got switched up this time…and the coolest part of this shoot is that it is DOCUMENTED on FILM. FOREVER!

We lucked out shooting the promotional video at the same time that I would normally shoot Cammy’s White Sweater & Glittery heels project. My angel will always be able to look back at this and hopefully she’s so proud of her mama AND herself for doing such a great job on camera, and hamming it up! 🙂

If you want to see the last one and EVERY single one we’ve shot until now, please click here. And try not to cry…look how much one year changes a new baby! It’s INCREDIBLE. I never thought, for a second, that she would be this damn beautiful. She takes my breath away!

*She had her OWN toy camera this time that she wanted in the pictures, AND, she tried to put the shoes on this time! SO CUTE!*


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  1. Terri Leigh Daniel-Johnson says:

    She has got to be the Sweetest Little Girl Ever! Beautiful! Way to go Amanda in capturing those memories!

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