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So I know I’m not an editing expert by any means but I LOVE sharing something when I learn about it! Especially when it’s something I taught myself or learned “accidentally”– although what I’m about to share probably was in my face for a long time and I just didn’t notice it! Whoops 🙁

When photographing something white or light colored with detail, sometimes the way you shoot and exposed can take away from it and everything appears smoother and really bright when you mean to focus on the details of the dress or you want to highlight certain aspects of it, including lace, beading, etc. I LOVE shooting wide open and in allowing more light in, my subject is usually very bright and details are lost. I love this look, and I’m not willing to change it! It’s my style, and the more and more I shoot this way, the more I fall in love with my own images. Like when you sit at the computer and say I nailed this! I LOVE this shoot! That’s how I feel when I branch out and shoot wider. LOVE it 🙂 Just have to be very diligent with slowing down and picking the right focal point out of 64 on the Mark III to put on my intended subject of the image 🙂

This styled shoot is going to serve as my before and after and learning example for this! Basically, it’s as simple as it gets– you just pull that highlight ticker all the way down (to the left) and allow those beautiful details to shine! Depending on your image and how you shoot, you may have to then adjust some other settings but this worked very simply for me! 🙂


Here are some before and afters!

2013-05-08_032 2013-05-08_031

I used to be very afraid of shadows and not like them at all because I have an obsession with clean, all over natural illuminated subjects but when shooting wide like this, I am loving the subtle shadows and perfectly balanced highlights! It gives it a beautiful, elegant romantic look.

And here’s one other thing! I have seen SO many tutorials and advice about shooting at certain apertures, etc..especially with detail shots. I LOVE all of the different methods and advice people have to give and it’s helped immensely! The one thing struck me as awesome though was when I said okay, I know I “should” shoot this bouquet at a higher aperture to get more of the detail in there..but something told me to just go with MY flow and keep my aperture at 1.2 and the result was BEAUTIFUL and what I LOVE!!!!! It was artistic, romantic and illuminated. I loved that I followed my heart on this bouquet shot it, it was exactly what I wanted. And it was ALMOST SOOC but I did a little split toning to warm it up! Besides that? Nothing else, no other editing.



It’s so ironic that when I shoot more daring and bolder, and at a more difficult aperture– I experience much more SOOC joy! I go through editing and can’t believe how much I just love the images as they are. It definitely helped on this day to have clouds diffusing the sun so I could in direct light that was softened just right!

Hope this helps, love yall! XOXO, Amanda

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