Why Are You Trying So Hard? | Salt + Sunshine Series

The Salt + Sunshine Series is meant to take a negative and turn it into a positive 🙂

Some of us are just huge sensitive Sallys…and if you’re one of those kind of gals, let’s unite today over this post. It’s funny how strong I’ve become in being resilient toward rough situations and people that have accumulated here and there over the past few years, yet a part of me in other situations and with other people is still so soft, wanting so much for there to be peace. I meet people and I like them, simple as that. I just do. I just want to be their friend or get along with them…so the sensitive Sally in me has such a hard time coming to terms with the fact that someone may meet me and just………not like me. Ouch!!! Even if I’m nice. Even if I smile. Even if I hug them, compliment them, support their life and business…they may still not like me, and that’s been a hard pill to swallow.

Sometimes, the happiness is annoying…or so I’ve been told, lol. Sometimes, the sunshine is too bright for others, and they just can’t seem to find a pair of shades to tone it down and take it in 🙂 But the point is..some of us have a hard time accepting that someone might just choose to not like us for no true (or obvious) good reason other than they don’t want to. This has been hard for me because I guess I care what people think and want them to know I like them, so it would be nice to be liked/supported back. I don’t penalize people for lack of personal attention when I know we ALL have super busy lives, so I’m not talking about that. I don’t feel shut out or not included by people who don’t address me back every time I acknowledge them or their life — what I’m talking about is when you finally realize…crap, they don’t even like me. At all. Well..that sucks.

So after I’m done crying to Mike recently he says to me….”Why are you trying so hard? Why are you being SO nice and giving all of that positive energy to someone who doesn’t even like you?” — and of course he says it in the sweetest way to make sure I don’t feel even worse…but he was right. What the HECK was I doing?! As far as I’ve come maturing as a way kinder person, a girl who absolutely has loved every second of reuniting with God and works hard to live a life more in His image..and to be an overall better human being over the past three-four years of my life…why was I so upset someone didn’t like me? Sometimes I care too much…but I also should know that my time is super tight and super precious and important…my energy and time needs to go to those incredible, confident business lady friends I already have, to my beautiful and inspiring daughters, to my business, my clients. Not stressing over why a random person who doesn’t contribute anything at all to my life doesn’t want to form any sort of personal or business friendship with me. In Galatians, Paul wrote “Now am I trying to win the favor of men, or of God? Do I seek to please men? If I were still seeking popularity with men, I should not be a bond servant of Christ” …reading that really gave me something to think about. Who do I REALLY need to please? Who should I be working to win over most… God obviously! And the ones I love that love me back, they deserve this time and energy.

My Timehop app showed me my friend Katelyn’s post called “don’t become a cactus” from this time last year and it couldn’t have had better timing this week. I’m oh so proud to surround myself with women who lift me up at any given moment and show me all the love I could ever need!! I will always be a Sally but I need to prioritize who I’m letting get the best of my time, and I hope all you other Sallys out there can do the same! Ask yourself what Mike asked me…why ARE you trying so hard? What is it going to change to have this person’s approval in your life? How much of your energy gets drained trying to put forth the effort to make them like you? This is IMPORTANT because we are getting *one* shot at life and our days should be lived out as best as possible…if not for me or for you, for the sake of our family members who need us to be our happiest and best! Have a happy Wednesday…you deserve it!


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Just a few of my fave girls below.. Don’t know where I’d be without them!!!! 🙂


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