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Here it is..our 4th wedding anniversary! I just sat in bed next to my two year old who’s bawling her eyes out because she looked at our wedding images and she is DEVASTATED that she wasn’t a part of it. “ahhhhh I wanna go to that wedding! AHHHH!!” I just asked her to officially be our flower girl for the vow renewal next year and she agreed. THANK goodness hahahah!! 🙂

Well I’ll keep this short and sweet but I want to share a feeling with everyone today on our 4th anniversary that we’ve been relishing in since we’ve moved here. This is where we were married. The Outer Banks. It was an amazing day, a day I miss and think about occasionally because your wedding day is otherworldly. It’s hard to even accept as it’s occurring because you can’t believe it’s actually FINALLY here! We had ours..it was beautiful. Katelyn James shot it..so of course we had that amazing and positive experience and these pretty pictures for life. But when we left that week after our honeymoon, we held hands and went over the Wright Memorial Bridge back to Hampton Roads with tears in our eyes and emptiness in our hearts thinking we would never be able to live here. We knew we’d be back for vacations..but to live and raise babies? Probably not.

Here we are at mile post four, sitting in our simple little bedroom in our simple little condo about to celebrate four years married in this very place. When it rained and stormed today..it reminded me of our wedding day which had THE craziest weather. I loved it. I was freaking at the time..but I love it looking back. We all ran out on the beach after the storm JUST in time..got married, and had a great night.

I love you Mike. I love you for driving an hour to work five days a week for your family to have a better and happier life. I love you for getting me through the darkest times and for being a continual support system when I break down that I am maxing out my editing time after a busy season. You pick up the pieces, you work hard, and these girls..all THREE of us..love the heck out of the man you constantly prove to be to us. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! 🙂

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  1. Deborah says:

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! You two are a great couple and a great inspiration!

  2. Brenda Rose says:

    Such a beautiful wedding!I LOVE your wedding cake! Now you have come full circle now that you reside in the OBX! 🙂

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