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There is something really, really big going on right now. And perhaps it’s been going on for years in certain demographics or communities…but it’s gone viral and is spreading like wild fire in the BEST WAY … RIGHT NOW … as you’re reading this!

People are sharing information, they are encouraging one another. They are working TOGETHER, referring business to one another, lifting each other up. Sharing secrets to success. Singing each other’s praises.

They’re in forums sharing memes about Channing Tatum. Wait…that’s just the Amanda Hedgepeth Q+A group…HAHAH! Okay okay, I had to, now back to business.

In an industry where it was once COMPLETELY unheard of to support your competition, we’re doing it. TOGETHER, we are thriving. You’re open on a date I’m booked for? Let me refer this inquiry to you. Etc, etc, etc.

This is kind of making some traditionally closed off and competitive people very displeased…but it’s hopefully teaching a valuable lesson. And in my heart of hearts, I pray it forces them to think differently about what our purpose is as documenters. Are your clients just transactions? Are they stiff and posed and are you like give me the money okay bye? Maybe that’s the personality you have and your clients, in turn, will have the same approach. You can be transactions for the sake of lacking human connection, and that’s fine…but I won’t go that way. I want to know when my brides get pregnant. I want to know when their family members pass away because I probably met them on their big day. And you know what? I don’t have to force this because we are most likely already friends on social media and in the know with one another…or, you could be the luckiest photographer in the world and have three of your brides text you that they’re pregnant the day they find out, even before they surprise their husbands!!! 🙂

The point really here is, someone asks you to document a big moment or just a normal day in the life. What an honor…and  the ones of us who truly realize that see the bigger picture for what it is, so it’s easier for us to come together and make the decision to not just serve our clients and God well, but one another…our “competition”! I believe it was JFK and Natalie Franke (LOLOL!! LOVE YOU GIRL!) that said, “a rising tide lifts all ships”..and it couldn’t be more true about our industry!

CHEERS TO COMMUNITY! Will you join me?! Can we honor the amazing hashtag that Natalie set on fire a few weeks ago and that Creative at Heart continued to advocate this weekend?! #communityovercompetition and then let’s add a little challenge…

On Instagram, I’ll post about this blog around 8 am…and under the image…tag some friends who you LOVE to be in a community with!!! I’ll pick a random person for a Starbucks gift card and you’ll make someone feel loved in the process!! 🙂 XOXOXO


Thank you Tyler Herrinton for this image and Justin Marantz for the lighting setup!!! 🙂

Can I just get personal and show you how I blogged this thing!? A giant three year old asleep on me WHILE I was at the desk. Sometimes, work and life balance throws you a curve..and you just have to make it work 🙂 I love you Cammy, my big big girl!

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  1. Natalie says:

    I love you. I love this. And I am so grateful to call you a friend!

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