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This sounds bad!! No no no– my work is NOT a nightmare. That’s not what this is about! But I’ve talked to SO many people who say they occasionally (especially when very busy or stressed) have bad dreams about whatever their job is. I KNOW YOU SERVERS REMEMBER…waiting tables nightmares. You do- right? You walk into work…

You have 5 tables sat and your apron isn’t even on.

They’re ALL mad because they’ve been sitting and waiting there.

And you have to take all their orders and get all their drinks but the bar is making them soooo slow. So they’re even more mad. You can’t even walk over to the table.

All the food orders are wrong.

AHHH!!!! Cue the horrible waiting tables nightmares..they are REAL! I always had those. 

So this may be so unnecessarily detailed for some, I’ll try to keep it vague..but I just need to share honestly and openly as a mother of two small girls and as a business owner because it’s not always easy and effortless. I woke up Sunday morning physically sick to my stomach because of the things I was dreaming about. I was thinking about how I have three weddings that need to be completed and I was actually a session behind at the time too that I just finished this morning – and it was eating me up. To the point of me laying on the bathroom floor because of all the stress is caused me in my SLEEP! It was probably the most depressing rest I’ve ever had. I just kept waking up to get myself away from thinking of it just to fall back asleep and keep my dreams!

Something had to give. I have a certain window of time I try to get work done in but this SUMMER was the busiest time of my business in FOUR years and let’s add two babies and moving out of state on top of that! I have to remember that because I blog SO many images at a time..I AM doing great getting a general story and wonderful amount to clients before the final gallery is delivered! Like seriously Amanda, calm down! Some people tell me they don’t EVER see their images blogged or they don’t see them for months and months and months. I know that I shouldn’t use that as a crutch or excuse but I need to give myself a little break. My clients tell me to calm down about it and not rush, they’ve seen their why am I panicking!?

Because I care. If I didn’t care..I wouldn’t wake up sick to my stomach like that. I would say “oh well, they can wait.” Nooo way. Not me, I think about it all the time until it’s done! I want them to have the WORLD! I am waiting on print orders and gifts right now in the mail to send with the flash drive copies..and that’s killing me! One day at a time, I’m catching up from the craziest summer of my business and life. But on Sunday when I thought my life was really falling apart and I felt like I wasn’t going to be a good mom or wife that day, a SCHEDULED family day in my planner..I did something right. I packed my family up, threw them (I don’t throw my babies..but I toss them gently:)) into the car, picked up Front Porch Cafe breakfast and drove to Rodanthe. A peaceful, virtually abandoned beach on Hatteras Island and I picked up a tan, memories of probably THE best beach day of our lives..and a conch shell.

Not a big deal to some, but we were always so bummed about never finding AWESOME shells in Virginia Beach. Cammy and I would scout and find some but not a ton. And here in Kitty Hawk we’ve found awesome ones but we’re always waiting for THAT shell..the treasure that feels like such a win to find! Well..that day in Rodanthe, I told Cammy to be crazy and just sit in the water with me. We wiped out, we got beaten up by the salt water and laughed our butts off. As we sat there, we had the time of our lives just being in the moment. I looked over and a giant conch shell washed up right next to us!!!!! You can’t understand that feeling if it’s not your “thing” — but it’s our thing and I’ll never forget it. It was a sure sign I did something right that day and that taking care of myself and my family was the right thing to do after these bad dreams all morning. That evening I went home, caught up on tons of work and hung out with some local photog girls. I’m catching up even more all week on weddings because I’m HAPPY and healthy and taking care of myself and family first for once! 

Don’t forget your own mental health, but get yourself scheduled and organized to take care of your to do list so things don’t end up a year behind. Try blogging a set of images from sessions or weddings so your clients don’t have to REALLY wait to see images for a long time and so that you have made an effort to show them something while you make time to get the rest done while raising your children and taking care of your family!

My friend Kristi asked at the CLIC Conference..when do you edit now, how do you schedule it? When Mike’s home? And YES– when I’m really busy and no longer have the full day babysitting option that I had when we were in Hampton Roads…I schedule my wedding editing to be broken up into parts of the day! In Lightroom, every wedding is broken up into four sections. Preceremony, Ceremony, Portraits, Reception. I schedule them to be edited certain days — maybe I’ll knock out Preceremony on a Tuesday when Mike’s home from work after dinner and baths, and then another night that week I’ll stay up a little later and do “Ceremony and Portraits” — leaving on “Reception” to be finished some time that week or the next. I miss knocking it all out in one day..but this is how we had to adjust to living further away from more babysitting help like we had before! 🙂 

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