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This past Sunday on the very last day of February 2021, I checked into the most quaint, peaceful and charming little hotel just a couple of minutes from our home called The Breakwater Inn and spent 2:30pm – 9pm working my butt off on emails, course development, answering DMs and more. Checking into a hotel literally minutes from home… sounds a little weird to some, right? But to a mom who’s been home pretty much 100% of the time since the pandemic started homeschooling and running a business, it was the RIGHT move to make to get ahead on my work and do it in silence.

Since I opened this blog post to start typing it – over an hour has gone by because the girls need me often. EVEN THOUGH they are 5, 7 and 9 and they are quite independent at this stage, they are asking permission for things, for help, for intervention with their arguments, lol. For help with homeschool, for me to do say or do something over and over and over. This is something I am thankful for because I love them and I LOVE being their mom… you won’t catch me being ugly about my kids on social media because they are my life, but I can honestly say – it’s overwhelming to try to get work done with your kids home. I’ve been doing it for 9 years with last year being my FIRST year that I had all three kids in school but that came to an abrupt halt with the pandemic.

When Mike recently transitioned to his new job, he finally got TWO days off a week. From zero, to two. This was HUGE for our family! I started to think.. with him being home those two days, I could go ahead and finally plan this workcation I’d always wanted to try out so I chose something literally down the road. We still had our Sunday morning tradition (Dancing Turtle coffee & picking up a newspaper from Frisco Market) and then shortly after 2pm, I moseyed on down the road toward the end of the island.


* Lighter
* Peaceful
* Productive
* Inspired
* Like I was okay to exist as just an individual human not attached to others (a big step for me! I’m addicted to my family, LOL)

What I DID: 

  1. I answered every last email I had
  2. Sent out three contracts & three invoices
  3. Created content slides in CANVA for social media posts
  4. Scheduled social media posts
  5. Read a little bit
  6. Did a TON of really small random tasks I had been putting off because I wanted to knock them all out at once but never had the time to
  7. Planned out content for our NEW and IMPROVED Photography Mini-Class coming soon! This is something it would have taken me WEEKS to do if I hadn’t gone to the hotel!! But instead, it took me ONE HOUR because it was one refreshed, uninterrupted hour!
  8. Powersheets for March
  9. Simplified Planner planning for the upcoming week

Also… booked another one of these workcations for APRIL  🙂 HONEY YES I DID!!!!

I packed a backpack with my laptop, Simplified Planner, Powersheets and not much else. I brought some food for myself and I was originally planning on getting take out for dinner.. everything was closed so it didn’t work out, but ultimately I am glad I didn’t order good this time because it was SUCH a limited amount of work time arriving at 2:30 and checking out by 7 something the following morning… it was good that I had my microwave dinner ready just in case 🙂

This costed me around $80. From the work that I put in on this workcation, I am projected to make $6475 from it. So to some… it may seem a little weird to PAY to go somewhere else, but I was able to fast forward SO MUCH WORK that needed to get done that is just extremely difficult to make happen in my house.

The book DEEP WORK by Cal Newport is one of my favorites (along with Digital Minimalism) and for a year now, I’ve known that I haven’t been able to get into any deep work.. and it was taking a toll on me. It was long overdue that I get this time – and if you need it, I HOPE YOU GET IT, TOO!!! XOXO

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  1. Sophie says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! It’s saying how much can get done when uninterrupted! Thanks for the motivation to take my own workcation!

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