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Okay! So you’ve prepared for the wedding, and you’ve shot the wedding, you’ve culled and organized the wedding. What’s next? Dun dun dun, editing! The dreaded editing. It does NOT have to be so bad!

One thing I’m gonna tell you off the bat– LIGHTROOM 🙂 That has been my personal preference for editing and kudos to you Photoshop gurus cause I couldn’t stand to be in there too long! Honestly, I know different strokes for different folks…but y’all, Lightroom was MADE for photographers! And the amazingness of Lightroom 4 can not be compared in my eyes. You have to shoot in a lot of of different environments and practice editing a lot before you get the hang of it, but once you have it– it’s LIGHTENING BABY! Seriously! How can I sit down and edit an entire wedding in less than 5 hours the other day? I do recall people saying “it can’t be done!” — but this little mama did it. I not only did it, but I did it under some interesting circumstances. Let’s just say, my daughter was too sick to go to the babysitter, so my mother in law came to our house to babysit for Workflow Monday– my computer is my kitchen so we had to move it into our bedroom, onto a small trunk/chest thing, I had to get her (unused, so don’t judge!) little plastic potty seat to turn it into a chair small enough for me to sit on and edit right there. YES. That’s how Beth & Evan’s wedding got done– BUT, it got done while they were on their honeymoon and she shared the images right away! WORTH IT!!!!! And I was feeling terribly tired and sick that day but the amount of preparation I did beforehand saved me! 🙂

When editing in Lightroom– also keep mind (this was the biggest time saver of ALL) that you can SYNC editing. Wanna know what that means and how amazing it is??

Let’s say you shot five different poses in the same place, same exposure, same settings. Edit the first image in the series of five the way you like it. Then, I know you can do it other ways too, but the way I do it is right click on the image and under Develop Settings hit Copy Settings.


Then, select the next four images (you can hold down control and click on them or scroll over until they are all highlighted.)

Right click, Develop Settings, Paste Settings.



You do need to key through and make sure they all look right, but they will all be the same! Now, you’re not hand editing every single image! This works especially well for outdoor portraits, reception and getting ready shots. How awesome is that? Small little thing that changes a lot!

Once I’m done editing the entire shebang, I start organizing and prepping for what’s about to go down the next day…the BLOG POST, the submissions to Two Bright Lights and the Facebook album.

The first thing I do is save all of the images on my external hard drive.

Then– I open the folder with the wedding images on the external hard drive (this is important- listen carefully!) and choose the blog images from there by dragging them into a folder on my desktop label “beth & evan blog” because I don’t know if Mac does this, but if I drag the images into a folder from my external hard just copies an extra image into that blog folder without stealing it from the folder. If I drag them from the folder on the desktop, it TAKES that image from that literally moves it. I don’t want that! I’m only saying this for people who aren’t computer savvy– it’s scary when you’re like WHERE IS THIS IMAGE?!

So now I’ve chosen my blog Favorites.
Then, I generally assume that I will use most of the blog favorites for the Two Bright Lights submission, so I copy those images to the Submission folder. Sometimes but rarely do I go back through the entire wedding and choose more but you never know, so that’s why just in case I have a second folder specifically for TBL!

Then, from the Blog Favorites folder, I copy over my favorites for the small facebook album!

I go ahead and watermark the Facebook ones and have those ready to post.

Additionally, I pre-blog the wedding and have it saved as a draft.

That means that Tuesday morning, all I have to do is upload prepared images from prepared folders. SO EASY. That allows me time to type up a submission to TBL and also monitor blog comments and share the images with the clients via email with their PASS gallery! Jamming everything into one day and having that established schedule and workflow for editing can set you up for success. I have more time for my family if I work REALLY hard for 1 1/2 days! WORTH IT!

One thing I know I’ll be changing soon is turning my Tuesdays from half work days into full. I am adding so many dimensions to my business right now with hosting more Q&A’s, styled shoots, networking and trying to once again lift my business to an entirely new level of exciting things because I LOVE working hard. You have to stay very constant and consistent if you want things to flourish and if you want to rock out! I never want being a mom of young children to be a crutch or excuse for anything lacking in my business, although sometimes it can be true– kids get sick, kids need attention, babysitters are unavailable sometimes and life happens but I want to make sure I’m as prepared as possible so that even if something does come up, I will still have quick turn around times and total efficiency for my very deserving clients!


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  1. So helpful!!! Thank you for this!!! 🙂

  2. Rebekah Hoyt says:

    Love this! I do a similar thing in Lightroom for syncing my edits, but instead of right clicking, I just hit the SYNC button (to the left of reset) and that way I don’t have to right click – makes editing go a zillion times faster when you can copy and paste edits from a similar setting! 🙂

    1. I can’t BELIEVE I just discovered it months ago– I wasl ike really? how can I know so much about a program and not something so imperative hahahah! I discover things in LR all the time!!!!!!!! 🙂

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